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NJ Exxxotica 2019 - Biggest Production Yet!

One of the largest adult industry conventions, NJ Exxxotica, is taking place in Edison, New Jersey on Friday October 25th to Sunday October 27th at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. This will be the largest event 3X Events has produced.

Interview With Natasha Lesting - Exxxotica Experience

Natasha Lesting was our first client and has been with us for the last two years.  As a webcam model who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, her experiences on camera and in the adult industry have ranged from poor to good.  NJ Exxxoti

  • 20th Oct 2019.
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  • Jen

Attending Your First Adult Convention

Conventions are a favorite pastime for a lot of people.  Some of those conventions have more of a pleasureable experience as they deal directly with the adult industry.  From sex education to pornography, these conventions provide various opp

NJ Exxxotica 2018 - An Inside Look

November 2nd 2018 through November 4th 2018 brought people together in Edison, New Jersey at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center for one of the biggest adult industry conventions, NJ

Watch Out - Fake Webcam Jobs

Researching a webcam site that you want to work with is important, but you want to look out for signs that show a site or agency is trying to scam you.  Being new to the business, sites and agencies will make it seem like working for them is too g

  • 2nd Sep 2018.
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  • Jen

Preparing For Your First Webcam Session

The first time you participate in any new activity, you may feel anxious, nervous, confused, or unsure of yourself. With proper preparation, you can easily avoid all those feelings and work towards a successful first time.

  • 28th Aug 2017.
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  • Jen