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Attending Your First Adult Convention

Posted by: Morgan on 18th Oct 2019.

Conventions are a favorite pastime for a lot of people. Some of those conventions have more of a pleasureable experience as they deal directly with the adult industry. From sex education to pornography, these conventions provide various opportunities for people to come together and celebrate something natural that has been a part of our lives for so long.

Going to one of these major events can lead to anxiety as you could be nervous, embarrassed or just have no idea what you would do. That's normal. However, there's no reason to fear these events! Most of them provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to be in and won't force you to do anything you're uncomfortable with doing. If this is your first time attending an adult related convention, we have a few tips for you that might be able to help!

Tip 1: Get Involved

Most of these events have various activities you can participate in, such as stage shows, seminars, demonstrations, workshops, vendor tables, meet and greets and so on. Find something you might be interested in and participate!

If you are unsure about participating, you can always stroll around the event and watch.

What you want to do is up to you and no one is going to judge you for wanting or not wanting to try something.

Tip 2: Be Considerate

Just like in your normal life, you need to act how you would be expected to act in any public environment. For example, you may see one of your favorite stars and you'd want to go up and give them a hug! Don't do it. Always make sure it's consensual. Essentially, treat everyone with respect and how you would want to be treated.

Tip 3: Have an Open Mind

New experiences can be fun and educational. Allow yourself to keep an open mind about the various activities you see during the event and allow yourself to learn. Not only is learning something that pleases you fun, but you spread the awareness that the adult industry isn't scary or bad.

Tip 4: Dress Comfortably and Appropriately

Before you attend an event, be sure to read the rules in regards to the dress code. At a typical adult convention, no nudity is allowed. This means that genitals and nipples be covered. You will see a lot of different states of undress.

Be sure to also be comfortable in what you're wearing. There will be a lot of movement at these types of events. Wear comfortable shoes that won't strain your feet and know what the weather will be like.

Tip 5: Bring Money, Specifically Cash

One of the most important aspects of these conventions is the content that vendors and stars bring with them. These events are part of their job, and they're there to make money. Do you want a selfie, autograph, or poster of your favorite star? You bet your ass you'll need to pay for it. Usually, selfies, autographs, posters and so on will range between $10 to $50.

Other than the stars and vendors, you may see convention specific hosts working that day, such as pole dancers to keep the visitors entertained. These hosts are working on tips, so if you see a dance you like or want them to pose for a photo, give them a tip!

Tip 6: Take Breaks and Keep Hydrated

As mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of movement during these types of events. Between visiting all the booths, attending seminars and so on, you're going to get tired pretty quickly. Be sure to take breaks as needed and keep yourself hydrated.

Tip 7: Have Fun

Most importantly, which all of the above tips are related to, have fun and enjoy your time!


Enjoy your next adult convention!