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Interview With Natasha Lesting - Exxxotica Experience

Posted by: Jen on 20th Oct 2019.

Natasha Lesting was our first client and has been with us for the last two years.  As a webcam model who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, her experiences on camera and in the adult industry have ranged from poor to good.  NJ Exxxotica of 2018 was her first major adult convention, and she sat down with me to answer a few questions.

What got you involved in becoming a webcam model and how has your generalized anxiety disorder impacted it?

"It was pretty much the same old story of 'oh, my friend got me into it'.  When I turned 18, I was always curious about the inner workings of a webcam site, so I visited the MyFreeCams website and started browsing models around my area.  I really liked how they were about to create their own schedules and do what they felt comfortable with doing behind the camera.  While some of the models took some of the rules to the extreme, most of them showed that you can have fun doing it while doing what's right.

After a few weeks of being a viewer, I talked about it with a few friends of mine and found out one of them had been modeling on the site for three months.  We had a show together, and it felt amazing.  While it was a slower night and the tips weren't as high as she has seen, it still felt like we acomplished what we wanted, and I knew I was instantly hooked.  We talked about how she dealt with some of the more annoying members, as I know she suffered from depression, and she told me that some days it was hard to do and should be expected, but for the most part it wasn't anywhere near as bad as she thought.  She had to ban a few people, but that was it.  We can also block our geographical location, which I think is good.

For the last two years I've been on webcam, I've only suffered an attack three times.  It made me feel awful in front of my fans, but it's made me a stronger person.  I know that I can overcome these attacks and those members who truly care about me, will make sure to be patient and support me through it."

Last year you attended NJ Exxxotica, which was your first adult convention.  What did you think about it?

"I had an absolute blast!  I was a little bit nervous to go, but as you know, I was accompanied by Morgan who has been to Exxxotica for three years, which made it a lot better.  Not only was I able to meet some of the friends I've made since doing my webcam work, I was also able to meet some of the great vendors, stars and organizations that make the adult industry what it is today.  We should always be open about what pleases us, and this convention allowed me to break out of my shell and become someone I haven't been in a long time.

My favorite parts of the convention were the seminars as they were extremely educational.  One of them was directly related to stars who suffer from a mental illness and that really connected with me.  It was hard at times to get on cam, but knowing that other people are in the same situation, it's made me realize that it's ok when it's hard.  It's a normal thing and we can take the time we need to deal with it.  Another part of the convention I really liked were the stage shows.  While some of them were panels with stars, some of them were performances.  That arial performance and erotic dance were awesome!  These people are so talented and it makes me want to become a better model and person."

What advice would you give to new adult convention attendees?

"Pretty much to just be open minded.  There is literally so much to do at these conventions that no matter how nervous you may be to go, there's usually at least one thing you would be interested in.  Treat people how you would want to be treated.  Follow the rules.  Bring cash.  Most importantly though, just have fun.  That's what they're there for!"

Are you planning on attending in the future as a featured performer either with MyFreeCams or your own booth?

"I've definitely thought about it!  I have a smaller following of members, which I personally like, so I don't know if I have enough pull or interest from everyone if I were to attend as a performer.  As for my own booth, I probably wouldn't do that, as I mainly webcam for pleasure and fun.  My full time job keeps me busy enough.  Maybe once I retire from working but want to be one of those sexy milfs I saw last year, then I might!"