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NJ Exxxotica 2018 - An Inside Look

Posted by: Morgan on 5th Nov 2018.

November 2nd 2018 through November 4th 2018 brought people together in Edison, New Jersey at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center for one of the biggest adult industry conventions, NJ Exxxotica 2018.  It was touted as "the nation's largest event dedicated to love and sex."

From the outside, nothing led me to believe that it would be a fun, enjoyable and sexual experience, as all I saw was a large Exxxotica banner, scantily dressed women smoking and oddly dressed men.  However, upon getting through security, receiving my credentials and walking into the large open space, my expectations changed.  I was immediately greeted by one of the "Exxxotica Hotties" giving out bags to carry goodies in, there were tons of tables with stars and vendors, there was interactive sessions at their kink dungeon, the seminar schedule was pretty great and the music provided entertainment to the dancers as you walked around.

As you walk around the event, various "Exxxotica Hotties" and dancers from their sponsored and after party organizations can be seen dancing to the ongoing music.  They were very open to taking photos, talked with participants and you were free to tip them.

I first walked over to the open ended side of the facility where a large ball pit featured some very good looking "Exxxotica Hotties" playing around.  Throughout the weekend they ran different competitions and giveaways for the participants which I think was a nice touch.

After getting whipped in their kink dungeon, I relaxed a bit in their VIP section by the main stage and witnessed an erotic dance and the Mrs. Exxxotica event where the performers were tasked with different activities.  Other stage events occurred, such as panels and a hypnotist.  Overall, I think the stage shows definitely attracted the biggest crowds.


On the final day I attended, I decided to spend the entire time going around the vendor and star tables.  After meeting one of my favorite stars of all time, Katie Morgan, we had a great conversation about how she feels that this event empowers women.  I'm all for women's rights!  Each vendor table provided quality products such as art, sex toys, business services and much more.  Not only were there stars and vendors, but there were other adult industry related outlets.  Two of my favorite ones included the XXX Church which was giving out free t-shirts and Cosplay Deviants, a group of wonderful women and guys who use their skills with cosplay and bring out the erotic side of it.

Unfortunately we were unable to take photos during the seminars, but they were very informative, educational and fun!

If you have a chance to get to NJ Exxxotica in 2019, I would highly recommend it!