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Preparing For Your First Webcam Session

Posted by: Jen on 28th Aug 2017.

The first time you participate in any new activity, you may feel anxious, nervous, confused, or unsure of yourself. With proper preparation, you can easily avoid all those feelings and work towards a successful first time.

This post will provide preparation steps to assist you, a first time webcam model, with the following:

  • What you need.
  • What you should do.
  • What you should look out for.
  • Further steps.

What You Need

Internet and Webcam

For a clear image, no loss of connection time, and the ability to interact with your viewers, you will want a strong internet connection. Broadband of at least 10 MBPS should be all that you need. If you plan on using WiFi, ensure the connectivity is strong, you have an updated and newer wireless card, and a router to support higher traffic.

A strong webcam will provide a clear picture for your viewers and will help them to remain engaged with you. There's quite a few to choose from, but I would highly recommend the Logitech C920.

The Logitech C920 provides the following features:

  1. Full 1080P HD streaming.
  2. Takes 15MP photos.
  3. Has an ultra smooth autofocus.
  4. Has a durable lens.
  5. Has HD quality microphones.

You can purchase the Logitech C920 HERE.


Lighting helps to make your streaming experience excellent or poor. If your viewers can easily see you, they'll be happy and easier to engage with. If your viewers can't easily see you, they'll be unhappy and harder to engage with.

Your best source of light will come from behind your webcam. Natural light from the sun through a window will provide a much better experience over a dim lamp. If you are on a budget, you can use lamps without shades. As you start to gain a better viewer base or are comfortable with spending a little extra, you will want to look into lighting kits to provide you sources of soft light.

A basic lighting kit as viewed above can be found HERE.

Outfits and Toys

Having a mix of various outfits and toys can help you for the first couple of days until you get used to your viewers, their wants, your wants, and your comfort level. A few pieces of lingerie, a vibrator, and one or two other items can go a long way in establishing yourself as a serious webcam model.

PinkCherry or Yandy are highly recommended for online toys and outfits shopping.

What You Should Do

Webcam Space Setup

Would you want to work in a messy, dark, and confusing work area? I sure wouldn't! Take time to clean up your webcam area, ensure proper lighting exists, and be familiar with your surroundings. It doesn't matter if you're camming from a bed, couch, kitchen, outside, and so on, as long as you're comfortable and your viewers find it appealing.

Stage Name

You will want to find a name that suits you and you can use it to build your brand. A brand is defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company or individual under a specific name. You want to sell yourself and your products that you may offer to your viewers. Make it easy to remember, fun, and unique.

Pictures and Profile

A profile can provide standard information that you want your viewers to know. A well thought out profile can help with your overall interaction with them.

A good profile also consists of high quality pictures. These pictures don't have to be sexual in nature, but you want to show off your best features, show that you are having a good time, and tease your viewers for more. A head shot, full body shot, and one or two other shots can go a long way when just starting out.

What You Should Look Out For

Viewer Scams

Viewer scams can happen on any webcam site you decide to be a part of. Some of the more common ones are the fake tips, the infamous "I'll pay you with Paypal for Skype", and saying they'll tip later for requests made now.

Uncomfortable Requests

We all have our comfort zones and sometimes you may be asked to leave your comfort zone for certain requests. However, there are some requests that will either be out of your control or ones that you absolutely don't want to do. Hold firm and never allow viewers to walk over you.


A lot of viewers will try to pull you away from your chat room, whether it be through private messages, snapchat messages, and so on. If you are currently doing a public show, focus on your viewers there, rather than privately. Quite a few models charge for friend listing and private messaging.

Further Steps

Social Media

Now that you have completed your first session, you will want to look into social media if you haven't already done so. Twitter and Snapchat are two of the biggest media platforms that models will use, but there are plenty of other ones such as ManyVids.

If you do sign up for social media, make sure to keep your posts relevant, consistent, and meaningful.


Even if you have completed you first day or two of your webcam career, you will always want to continue researching. Look at other model sessions, view their profiles, see what content they sell, and see what their viewers want.


Always prepare for your next few shows. Having a schedule can really help you to keep organized, but on occasion, you may do a "on the fly" show. Just be as prepared as possible, and always remember to have fun no matter what happens.