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Watch Out - Fake Webcam Jobs

Posted by: Jen on 2nd Sep 2018.

Researching a webcam site that you want to work with is important, but you want to look out for signs that show a site or agency is trying to scam you.  Being new to the business, sites and agencies will make it seem like working for them is too good to be true, and when that is the case, it most likely is because it is.

The following indications provide information that a webcam site or an agency is probably trying to scam you:

  • Improper ID verification.
  • Payments being requested before you work.
  • Interview process and content requested.
  • Contacted by the site or agency first.
  • Guarantee of income.
  • Website errors, broken links, and communications.
  • Hiring proceedure.

Improper ID Verification

You will always want to make sure that a webcam site or agency is asking for proper ID during the vetting process for age verification.  A drivers license or a passport are more common ones.  If the site or agency doesn't ask for proper ID before offering you a contract or permission to broadcast, you want to avoid it.

Payment Requests Before You Work

No webcam site or agency will request a payment from you in order to apply or start working.  The only upfront costs will be the equipment you choose to start with, such as a webcam, lighting, microphone and computer.

Interview Process and Content Requested

An agency or webcam site may ask for an interview or applicable content such as a full body and head shot.  However, if they are asking for a webcam based interview or full nude photos, they're most likely looking to get free content from you.

Contacted by the Site or Agency First

Cold calling is a common practice in any business environment.  However, a webcam site or agency wouldn't reach out to you to "recruit" you.  You should always be the one to initiate first contact.  If you are contacted by them, don't fall for the bait.

Guarantee of Income

No webcam site or agency can gaurantee an income as any revenue generated is based on your activity and the activity of your viewers purchasing your content.  If you see a site or agency guaranteeing payment, it's definitely too good to be true.

Website Errors, Broken Links and Communications.

Most webcam sites and agencies will have a functioning website with all the information you need such as a frequently asked questions, legal documentation, contact information and so on.  If any of the links are broken, pages are incomplete and there's a lot of errors, something is definitely wrong.

Another thing to be aware of is how they're communicating with you.  If you're receiving emails from a "free" account, if communication is over a 48 hour period or you can never seem to get in contact with the correct person(s), something is definitely wrong.


I wish you luck in your future camming and hope that you don't fall into the common traps!